Get healthier, happier and fitter. Live a disease free life

Join a 32 Year Old Yoga Institute, who’ve touched 35000+ lives. Learn from teachers with decades of experience. Be a part of 500+ Yogis community.

Private Lessons & Group Sessions

AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India Certified Teachers

Live Doubt Solving and Corrections

Live + Recordings of each session

Morning and Evening Classes

6+ Different styles of yoga to choose from

🎁 Get a 45 Page AMI Yoga Book on Stress Management with practices  (worth Rs. 2000) absolutely free when you join 🎁

We’ve trained 1391 Yogis across organizations:


Please Check All boxes where your answer is YES!

I can never stick to my Yoga habit. My erratic schedules make me miss class a lot

  I spend too much time travelling to and from my classes. This time issue makes me miss classes often

 My yoga class teachers are not the best. I feel like I need someone who is more experienced.

 I have multiple ailments. I need special practices that help me recover

 I’m looking to go deeper into my practices. I want to meditate longer and get closer to my spiritual self

 I’m a beginner and I need lots of guidance. I’m looking for a basic class but haven’t found one.

 I’ve tried online classes, but I don’t get the attention that I need. One teacher can’t handle the whole class

 I’m bored of doing the same practices everyday. I need some variation in practice to test me and push me

 I feel tired and stressed often. I need to get my health and strength back

  I want to be physically fit and flexible. I want to make sure that I remain active. I want to get stronger, healthier and happier.

If ANY of the above hold true for you, then you're invited to take a Trial Yoga Session with us 🙂

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

Here's How Yoga will change your life for the better

  • Experience higher energy levels. Say Goodbye to eternal tiredness
  • Forget about stress and anxiety. Feel a childlike bliss
  • Feel mentally at peace. Calmness throughout
  • Have higher focus and concentration at work or home
  • Feel physically fitter and stronger. No more aches and pains
  • Feel younger in body and mind
  • Connect with your inner self through meditation. Start your spiritual journey
  • Improved Flexibility. Never feel tight in your muscles again
  • Composure that helps you enjoy every experience life throws at you
  • Feel active through out the day using relaxation techniques like yoga nidra
  • Experience better gut health and digestion

We're Proud Of The Impact We've Made Through Yoga, Here's Proof:

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

Here's what you'll learn in class


Asanas are yogic postures that help develop flexibilty, strength and power. Apart from the physical benefits, asanas help you to connect with your body and go deeper within

Warm-up Practices

At AMI, we have devised over 50 different warm-up sets. We give great importance to warm ups since 90% of modern life is sedentary. These warm-ups are a mix of dynamic practices and static warmups


In Yogic Philisophy, Meditation or Dhyana is the process of focusing on an object (like the breath) and letting it take you inward. It’s a process where in you can become totally still and calm. At AMI, you’ll learn from over 500+ different guided and unguided meditations


Mudras are specifically certain postures of the hand and the body that help to redirect the flow of energy in a certain way. These can be used for different benefits. 


Bandha is a Sanskrit word that translates in English to “lock” or “closed.” It describes the yogic technique of shutting off the flow of energy to specific parts of the body.


Prana means energy. Yoga deals highly with the energy in the body. Pranayama is the process of manipulating this energy using our breath.


Mantras are sound vibrations. It is well known in modern science that creation is just “vibration”. Mantras are tools to create certain vibrations that can help us manifest, peace, happiness and success.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is an advanced technique where the practitioner is guided into a state of complete relaxation. In this state the practitioner can make suggestions to their sub conscious to manifest it in reality.

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

Yoga can really change the game for you, like it did for them 🙂

Still wondering if this is for you?

Students from all walks of life attend our classes. Our classes are tailored to benefit one and all.

For Newbies

If you are completely new to Yoga and are looking for the perfect starting point, our beginners batch is just for you

For 6 Months+ Practitioners

If you have been practicing yoga for 6 months to 2 years, the intermediate batch is the perfect challenge. It will challenge you while at a progressive rate so that you can advance

For 2 Year+ Practitioners

If you're a veteran yoga practitioner and know what you exactly want, we have the advanced asana, meditation, chakra sadhana and other specialised workshop that keep you on the pathto constant improvement.

Recovery from Ailments & Injuries

Recovering from an injury like ACL, Fracture or Frozen Shoulder? Going through an ailment like Diabetes, Migraine, Anxiety or anything else? We have special batches and personal training for you if you need personal attention.

For Limit Pushers

If you are someone who likes to constantly push your limits, If you like to achieve the most toughest postures and be the most flexible, AMI Offers Advanced Asana and Dynamic Yoga Batches for this main purpose. Let's get to that Shirshasan!

For Spiritual Sadhakas

For some of us, we look at yoga for spiritual upliftment. It is about going deeper within and understanding oneself better. Our workshops on Chakra Sadhana, Mantras, Deep Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Bhagvad Gita and more will make sure you're on track.

For Diabetes Management

The AMI Diabetes management batch has been running successfully now for more than 5 Years. We have helped more than 50 participants take off their dependency on allopathic medication. We use a combination of yoga, diet and modern medicine.

For Explorers

Are you a yoga teacher looking to explore new practices? Are you a hardcore gym person who feels yoga is not for you? Are you someone who's healthy, wealthy and fine, but just looking for anew experience? Well come onboard and you'll be suprised with what you find.

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

A few classes that can you can get started with right now are:

Regular Yoga Batch

Perfect for practitioners looking to have a stable and regular yoga session every day. Participants have been attending this batch for 30+ years.

We have new practices every month + interesting discussions on the community on whatsapp each day

Beginners Yoga Batch

New to Yoga? This batch is perfect for you. The AMI Beginners batch is for new practitioners who would like to be gradually introduced to the yogic philosophy, practices and way of life. If this is the first time you will be attending a Yoga session, we recommend this batch!


Joint Pain Management

Strengthen Your Body And Live Pain-Free With The Joint Pain Management Workshop. If you’re suffering from arthritis, lumbago, lordosis, or had a ligament tear, this workshop will help you hustle like before with ease.
Diabetic Wellness Batch

Regulate Diabetes. Live A Peaceful, Stress Free Life – Asanas & Pranayam focussed on better management of blood sugar, Nutritional Guidance to help diet management and much more!

Ladies Yoga Batch

Since the last 25 years, sessions are being conducted specially for women at AMI. The afternoon sessions have proven beneficial not just to improve health & wellness but have also fostered strong bonds of friendship and developed support-groups amongst the participants.


Prenatal Yoga Batch

Prenatal yoga brings positivity and strength through asanas, focused breathing, stretching, and meditation techniques. It helps you relax, stay energetic, and floods you and your baby with positivity. We’ve helped over 1100 pregnant women through our prenatal yoga sessions

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

For some of our Yogis, the journey was transformational!

Raji Kumar, 7AM Regular Batch

I work at Infosys, as an IT Consultant. A regular 9-5, as a part of which, I have to sit at a desk for long hours.

Late hours and irregular schedule made exercise impossible. I admit it, I had a bad lifestyle.

I was suffering from back and neck pain, headaches and bad digestion. And it was a nightmare for me.

My family doctor prescribed a few allopathic medicines and advised me to exercise more.

There was a time when I was just taking pills on a daily basis just to keep going to work but it made my situation worse.

Moreover, my erratic schedules made working out regularly tough.

It’s the truth, you don’t realise how bad it is, until one day it’s in your face and you can’t dodge it.

That’s when I came across AMI through an ad.

I decided to register and see what it was about. What worked for me specifically was the ease of access. 

I could attend from home and in the days I missed I would just follow the recording and practice. And doubts I had, I’d ask on the group or in class the next day.

It was like I had a personal teacher available when I wanted!

The AMI teachers were so supportive and all the asanas and postures they taught me were so beneficial. I’m feeling energetic and better than pre-classes 🙂  Gradually, I started seeing subtle changes in the way I think and feel too

If you’re going through something like what I went through. Don’t hesitate 🙂

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

A Quick Introduction to AMI Yoga

We, AMI Yoga are a 32 Year Old Yoga School based in Mumbai, India.

Our Team of 40 teachers has trained more than 30,000 students online and offline.

At AMI, we have expert Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and Medical Professionals.

Our teachers are qualified professionals from the AYUSH Ministry, Government of India. (This is internationally recognized)

Our practices combine traditional yoga and scientifically adapted practices. 

We’ve helped students of all ages and backgrounds achieve their goals and transform their lives.

1 +
Active Monthly Students
1 +
Teachers Trained
Years of Experience

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

Online Classes are much, much better!

  • Never miss a class because your class is now in your pocket on your smartphone or laptop
  • Expert Guidance, wherever you live. Learn from a 30+ year old organization.
  • One-to-One Corrections for teachers. All classes have a main and support teacher to solve doubts and make corrections on the spot
  • Save commute time.Practice from your home
  • Affordable for all. Trial classes start at just Rs.299
  • Community of 1000+ online practitioners.
  • Make friends and learn together.
  • Recorded sessions for when you miss a class

Frequently Asked Questions

You get a total of 3 one hour sessions. Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to join the whatsapp link. If you can’t for any reason, a person from our team will contact you in 24 hours.

If you’re looking to experience classes for a month, you can contact us directly on 9820401430. We’ll help you find a fit. The charges are Rs.1200 for 12 classes

Once you register and complete your payment, you can speak to your teacher about your ailments. We have students who have Diabetes.Depression. Anxiety. Hemorrhoid. Yeast infection. Lupus. Shingles. Psoriasis and much more who have recovered well.

After your registration and payment, you will speak to a  teacher who will assign you to a batch which will be perfect for you. There are beginners batches to advanced batches. Based on your fitness level, the teacher will guide you to the best class.

Yes you can. They will be charged at a premium. You can call directly at 9820401430 to get this.

If you miss a trial session, you can access a recording or reschedule. But we recommend live classes for the best experience 🙂

You will be added to one of our ongoing batches. Each class has 2 teachers. The main teacher takes the practices, while the support teacher will help you with corrections and any other assistance you need

Please call us at 9820401430. Our teachers will help you out 🙂

Yes! You can start with the more advanced batches and workshops. There you will be challenged with tougher asanas and a more strenuous schedule 🙂

Once you join your whatsapp group and complete your three sessions, we’ll send you the pdf over whatsapp 🙂

Yes! We do 🙂 You can contact us on 9820401430 for more information. This program will train you for Level 1 and 2 YCB exams by AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India

1232 people have taken a trial class

🎁 Get a 45 Page- Bonus Book on Stress Management with tested practices for you to follow at home (worth Rs. 2000) 
Absolutely free when you join 🎁

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